Meet Dan DeBarba...

  • Dan is a life-long resident of Connecticut, growing up in Wolcott before moving to his wife’s hometown of Orange. They have three children, all Amity High School graduates, and one grandchild


  • Served as a medic in the Connecticut Army National Guard


  • Certified Public Accountant and worked for two international accounting and consulting firms before becoming a health care executive


  • Served as President of both Norwalk Hospital and Danbury Hospital


  • Currently the Chief Financial Officer of a large health care system in New York


  • Recently appointed to the Orange Visiting Nurse Association Board of Directors 


  • Dan and his wife, Lynn, are the owners of a small business in Connecticut

Contact the campaign

Telephone: (203) 699-6569


Paid for by DeBarba for State Rep, Treasurer Judy Szewczyk. Approved by Dan DeBarba